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Holistic Treatments: Sports Injuries

Professional athlete or not, we are all capable of getting injured playing sports. There are always risks involved in athletic activities.

Almost all of your bones, joints and connective tissues are in danger of being damaged, and that danger only increases with the intensity of the sport.

A co-ed and multi-racial group of young athletes running on a track

Most commonly you will find the initial cause of sports-related injuries are due to:

  • Not warming up properly before and/or stretching, and not cooling down after
  • Improper nutrition, training or supervision
  • Lack of good judgment, not knowing your limits or ignoring them, and unrealistic goals

Re-injuries are also fairly common and are mostly caused by:

  • Lack of prompt treatment
  • Not following prescribed treatment
  • Not allowing for full recuperation before continuing with sports activities
  • Continuing to play in an unsafe manner

You may exhibit signs indicating a predisposition towards certain sports injuries. Your chiropractor will be able to help you spot these signs before you begin your sports training and possibly prevent injuring or re-injuring yourself.

Chiropractic care is devoted to treating the body in a natural way, allowing the body to heal properly. Using chiropractic care usually makes surgery and potentially dangerous medications unnecessary, except in extreme cases.

Dr. Nault has experience working with NHL and NFL players.

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