Woman wincing as she stretches her leg

Leg Length

Can the length of your legs be behind other physical problems?

It’s possible.

According to the professional organization ChiroTrust, leg length is key to posture. When there is a difference in the length of your legs, the pelvis is unable to hold a level position. Because the pelvis is the spine’s base, it cannot remain straight when there is a discrepancy in leg length.

Orthopedic surgeons take leg length into account when they decide whether to perform hip and knee replacements.

There are many causes behind leg length problems. Some are:

  • A family history of the problem
  • Some form of trauma during the years that bones grow

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Some leg length treatments are heel lifts, which can be inserted into shoes worn on the short leg foot. Many doctors have said the best treatment approach is to increase the amount of heel lifting gradually. Patients often begin using a 5 millimeter lift and increase height at one-week intervals.

Some other causes of leg discrepancy can include surgical procedures, joint replacements, exposure to radiation and tumors.

What Are Symptoms To Look For?

In many cases, patients do not display any symptoms before the ages of 25 to 35.

The most-seen symptom is long-term lower back pain, but middle and upper back pain can be present as well.

Repeated injuries or pain in the hip, knee or ankle can also indicate leg deficiency has been left untreated for too long. It also is common to have pain in the buttock, or radiating hip pain, that does not fade when lying down.

Can I Screen For Leg Length Problems At Home?

Yes. Here are some things you can do:

  • Look at yourself in a mirror: Are your shoulders and collarbone on the same level? Is one higher than the other?
  • Does your head tend to tilt to one side?
  • Does one of your kneecaps or hips appear to be higher than the other?
  • Do you often have dress pants hemmed by varying amounts on each side?
  • Do your skirts fall unevenly?
  • Has your podiatrist ever recommended that you purchase orthotics?
  • Have any massage therapists you have visited noticed that your muscles on one side are far tighter than on the other?
  • Look at the hard-soled shoes you wear. When turned upside down, does one shoe appear to be more worn than the other?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, leg length problems could be the root cause of painful symptoms.

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